Downsizing can be driven by many events: Becoming Empty Nesters, retiring, loss of a loved one, not wanting/being able to keep up a large home. Regardless of the reasons, it takes special care and consideration.

Empty Nesters

When children successfully "launch," a big home can become just too big.


Most experts say it's a good idea NOT to move right after a loss. Too many stresses at once.

Needing More Help Around the House

Often, a house can work for many years, if the desire is to Age In Place.

Family and Advisors

Family and Advisors (legal, tax, etc) can play a huge role in Senior Downsizing. We work closely with both.

Capital Gains Tax

Many Downsizes or Senior moves can involve Capital Gains issues. While not accountants, we recognize when good advice is needed. Plus the Tax Laws have changed!

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