Pricing Correctly

There are many Websites these days that offer Automated Valuation of homes. Ours does as well. They generally work from tax and recorded sales data -- but can be wrong by huge amounts!

A recent "Zestimate" of a property we had on the market was low by 35% -- its data-driven model did not include that the house was Lake-front! Conversely, the CEO of one such company was told by his company's model that his home was worth $1.6 million. It eventually sold, but not until the price had been reduced 25% to $1.2 million!


Pricing CORRECTLY is a synthesis of many factors:

  • Seller motivation                                     
  • Location
  • Presentation
  • Condition/Updates
  • "Comparables"
  • Market Trends
  • Positioning

So, use Automated Valuation Models (AVM's) as a very rough guide. but for CORRECT pricing, put our experience to work.





Once Condition &Pricing are optimal, it is time to go to market! So, what comes next?

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